Farm Crew Members - Now Hiring

Position Type: Part time up to Full Time, year-around up to 40 hrs/wk


  • We want enthusiastic, motivated, hard-working, dedicated help. Attitude is everything. We need people who can bring a positive attitude to our farm.
  •  Previous farm experience is preferred but not required. However, if you do have previous experience, you need to realize that we probably have a different way of doing things on our farm than your previous experience and you need to be open to trying things a different way.
  • Work varies with the season but can often be repetitive.
  • Work can be strenuous and will involve lifting, bending, stooping etc. 
  • You must reliable and punctual.
  • Be prepared to work in all types of weather conditions
  • You must also be mature enough to come to work well-rested and ready for work.
  • We pay our workers fairly and in return we expect people to work hard and be committed to the farm.
  • Be able to lift up to 50lbs repeatedly and to be on one's feet for extended periods
  • Be good with numbers/counting/basic math
  • Be able to work in an outdoor environment, subject to weather and outside conditions
  • Have a valid driver license and clean driving record


All of the following are important tasks on the farm. To the extent that you are suited to each of these tasks, you may be asked to participate in:

  • Planting (transplanting with water-wheel transplanter, hand transplanting, and hand seeding)
  • Irrigation set-up (drip tape and overhead sprinklers)
  • Thinning (beets, carrots, etc.)
  • Weeding (All weeding is done by hand)
  • Caging (mainly tomatoes)
  • Cultivating (tractor cultivation, wheel hoes, stirrup hoes, linear hoes, hand weeding, thinning)
  • Harvesting (All harvesting is done by hand)
  • Wash area work (washing, bunching, quality control, packing)
  • Landscaping maintenance (hedge trimming, pruning, mowing, weeding-eating, etc.)
  •  Attending Farmers’ market and Farm Stand sales events
  • Operate various company vehicles and equipment safely and efficiently.

Employment Details:

  • There is no tobacco, electronic cigarette (e-cig or e-cigarette), personal vaporizer (PV) or electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) use at the farm.
  • Illegal drug use will be grounds for dismissal.
  • We do not have employee housing or camping available.
  • Much of our communication at the farm occurs via cell phone/smart phone, therefore you will need a working cell phone/smart phone and sufficient minutes/data to communicate with managers and coworkers throughout the work day.
  • Computer skills and experience with Microsoft Word and Excel are a plus.
  • Our farm operates all-year and we need people who are willing to commit to year-around farming work.
  • There is a 30 day probation period at the beginning of employment. At the end of this period employees will be given an evaluation and every 6 months thereafter.
  • Employees will be allowed to take one week off during the year, but we cannot accommodate time off during April thru July due to the increased level of work at the farm during this time.
  • Fridays are also a mandatory day from April to July at the farm because this is our busiest harvest day during this time of year.
  • We expect for you to not miss more than one Friday from April thru July.


  • Pay will be competitive and based on experience, productivity, and reliability.

How to Apply:

  •   Please send a cover letter and resume to
  •    Please include three professional references.
  •    Please provide a detailed account of all types of equipment on which you are trained or skilled

The more details you can provide in your resume the better.