Red Earth Organic Farms has Partnered with Fresh Harvest!

Fresh Harvest is an online farmers market. They partner with local organic farms and deliver their produce, meat, eggs, and milk to homes throughout Greater Atlanta year round. 

They have created a viable and sustainable sales outlet for local farms like us! 

Their system is efficient, eliminating food waste.  Their food hub is in Clarkston GA where we deliver to them every week - they package and deliver your basket the day of delivery.

How it works:  Create an account at, select a type of basket and delivery frequency (weekly or bi-weekly).  You can skip deliveries any time and you can customize the contents of each weeks basket at no extra charge.  You can add other local items to your basket like meat, eggs, milk, bread and yogurt. 

How customizations work: They will email you a week prior to your delivery letting you know what is coming in the following basket.  You have until Friday at 2pm, the week before your delivery, to log into your account and customize the contents.  You can make as many swaps at you like and it doesn't increase your cost. 

Basket Options:

  • All produce is USDA certified organic. 
  • The Georgia Grown Basket is super unique!  It comes from farms in GA like us, is customizable, and delivered to your door.  It is good for 2 people on a weekly basis. 
  • The Mini Basket is also good for 2 people, but will have varietal items grown outside of the state (bananas, kiwi, etc.) - you'll still find our strawberries and kale in there! 
  • The Standard basket is a better fit for a family of 3-4 and a Family basket is best for a family of 5+.      

Basket Delivery:  The baskets are delivered right to your door!  Your delivery day is determined by your home address. They come in a rubbermaid tote with ice packs and insulating foil.  Put the empty tote out on your next delivery day - FH brings the new and takes back the old to wash and reuse, cutting down on waste.  You do not have to be home when the basket is delivered.

How to Sign up:   Go to and click "Sign Up" in the top right corner.  Follow the instructions to create your online account.

You can email Fresh Harvest with any questions.

You can also call their office at 770.847.6630 and they can set up your online account over the phone.